10 Ways to Stick to Your Fitness Goals And Stay Motivated

“If You are Going to Try, Go All The Way,
Otherwise Don’t Even Start”
-Charles Bukowski

How often we set goals and give up in the middle due to lack of proper planning, passion to achieve it diligently and mental or physical barriers.

Every New Day offers us a chance to reinvent ourselves! Yet most of us find ourselves failing dismally to follow through on our fitness goals to switch to a healthier lifestyle!

Well, cast your worries aside we got 10 easy yet brilliant ways to help you stick to your Fitness Goals and Stay Motivated.


It all starts with your change in perspective, shift your thinking from a couch potato to an athlete. It may be challenging at first but once you start doing it things get easier, and you are more likely to get over your mental blocks


Once you have changed your perspective, you are now ready to move to the next level. Now it’s time to set goals, what changes do you want to see in your body. It could be anything- losing or gaining weight, building muscles or shredding some, gain agility and flexibility, decide on your goal and start taking small steps to achieve them.

3. Be Realistic

Yes! It is very important to be realistic while you decide on your goals. Take well informed and wise decisions, because if you make goals that are unrealistic say, losing 10 pounds in 10 days, you won’t be able to achieve it and it will be disheartening for you and in the future, you will be reluctant. So, go easy on yourself as realising goals that are achievable will build your confidence and you are more likely to stay on track.

4. Write It Down
Psychologists suggest that while you are on your way to achieving something, it’s always advised to write your goals, not in a scientific manner but just jot it down so they are not just floating on a mental but also on the physical plane, and you can see them now and then. You activate your right-side of the brain when you think or imagine something and when you write down your goals you engage your left-side of the brain which is analytical and logical thereby sending your goal to the conscious mind.


The best athletes and trainers in the world are strict when it comes to following a workout schedule. This is what makes them a winner and achiever. When you are on the way to achieve your health goals it is advised to schedule a regular workout time as it not only helps your body to adapt to the routine and better response to it but also your kind that will release hormones at a specific time of the day during a workout. The mind works on ‘Circadian Rhythm’ that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. So to gain better results one must stick to a schedule.

6. Set A Deadline

Setting a deadline can help you stick to your fitness goals and finally achieve them if you stay consistent. It not only gives a sense of urgency but also strictness. With a time frame in place, you have an end goal and something to focus on and follow.


Nothing is permanent but change- Anonymous. We all love a variety and change in life. So, try the same while working out. Don’t stick to a mundane fitness regime, experiment with different workout styles. Putting variety to your workout schedule will not only make it more interesting but it will also help your body to respond better and faster. After all, it’s about results. Better the results, better the chances of sticking to your regime.

8. Reward Yourself

Whenever you achieve a short-term or a long-term fitness goal, reward yourself. Our brain responds to stimuli when it is properly conditioned to do so. It picks patterns and adapts to them. In this case, whenever you reward yourself on achieving a goal your brain takes it as a stimulus and responds to it by releasing particular hormones which again will be released every time you reward yourself. This pattern is picked by our brain and it keeps motivating us.


While you are onto something don’t be ashamed of asking for help. So, when you are giving everything to achieve your fitness goal why can’t you ask for help from the fitness expert community and forums. This will not only keep you updated with the latest knowledge and advice but also will keep you motivated.

10. Eat Right and Win the Fight with KEEROS

This is the ‘Golden Rule’. You can’t achieve a good shape and stay motivated without eating healthy. After all, it’s about- What, When and How you eat is most important.
Plan your diet as per your body needs and fitness routine. We at KEEROS suggest breaking your diet into small meals- 6 times a day. It’s not in the quantity but quality. Eat less, several times a day. It helps you stabilize your metabolism and utilise nutrients in a more efficient manner.
We provide a variety of Roasted Supersnack that you can choose from-
KEEROS Multiseed Roasted Supersnack
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You can start your day with our roasted supersnacks and also try them to curb your mid-meal hunger. As eating right and healthy food when you are on a workout regime is essential.

We at KEEROS not only provide you with healthy snacking options but also usher you in the right direction to achieve your health goals and stay motivated.

You motivate us to keep you healthy and KEEROS is doing the same for you.

Happy Achieving!!

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