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The Festivals of Lights is about to arrive and what fun is the festive season without family gatherings and card parties that continue late into the night? And we all know that any party is incomplete without evening snacks and drinks.

With healthy snacking becoming the norm of the day, here are a few tips to help you add a healthy twist to your celebrations this year:


1) Serve a Dry Fruits and Nuts Platter:

Who wants to sweat all day cooking in the kitchen especially when expecting guests? An easy way to come up with easy snacks and still impress your guests is by serving a platter of dry fruits and roasted nuts like raisins, dates, pistachios, almonds and cashew nuts. Just present them well on a silver-toned serving tray and place a pile of napkins nearby. Now all you all have to do is let your guests help themselves and enjoy your party!

2) Serve Fruit Juices instead of Sodas:

Ditch the sugary, carbonated sodas in favour of fruit juices, you can make your own at home and store them in the refrigerator and just serve it to your guests. Or you can also opt for homemade fruits shakes and smoothies using skimmed milk and plain yoghurt.

3) Baked and Grilled, not Fried:

Forget deep-fried Indian snacks and delicacies, instead opt for healthier baked versions like baked samosas and patties or vegetable sandwiches with fresh vegetables and light dressing. Non-vegetarians should go for grilled or roasted dishes instead of heavy curries and fried meats.

4) Make Healthy Desserts:

Serve light desserts instead of the traditional khoya-based sweets that drip with sugar syrup and desi ghee. Opt for a light rice pudding (kheer) or a simply whip yoghurt with blueberry jam or any other flavour of your choice and ladle it out in a small bowl topped with fresh fruits.

5) Keeros Multigrain and Multiseed Roasted Supersnacks:

Love crunching during card games? Well, we have the perfect snacking options for you. Place small bowls of our savoury Multigrain Roasted Supersnacks between card partners or serve our delicious Multiseed Supersnacks that offer the warmth and richness of dry dates and 4 superseeds.

With so many healthy options, we hope this Diwali you will feel lighter on the stomach and so will your guests. Also, remember to drink a lot of water the next morning to help your body detox.


Have a Healthy Diwali with Keeros Roasted Supersnacks. Start snacking healthy with Keeros today!