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In our country when the festival arrives they are accompanied by the arrival of family, friends and the sharing of rich, delicious food that unfortunately is also rich in calories.

Festivals are a time for celebration, gaiety and feasting. However, one must be careful not to overindulge as once the festive euphoria is over, you are left with the extra weight and regrets.

As Diwali is around the corner and the preparations have already started, we decided to share some tips on how you can keep yourself fit and healthy this festive season:


1) Avoid using White Sugar and White Flour for Making Sweets:

On festivals like these, one should always try to make sweets at home in order to avoid rigging of the shopkeepers. While making sweets at home, opt for jaggery or brown sugar instead of white sugar. Also, go for wheat flour instead of white flour as it is a healthy alternative.

2) Keep a Tab on Your Alcohol Consumption:

The Festive Season is also a time to clink glasses together and say ‘cheers’ to your near and dear ones. Opt for a glass of white or red wine instead of whiskey or beer as it has lesser calories.

One should also avoid cocktails as it is a mixture of different drinks and juices with excess calories. One should also try to eat something healthy before having drinks in order to avoid snacking fried food while drinking.

3) Increase Your Water Intake:

During the festive season do not skip your regular routine of drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily. In fact, try to increase your daily water intake to  10 to 12 glasses.

Drinking water at regular intervals helps to shed those extra calories from your body and also keeps you feeling full, thereby avoiding the chances of overeating.

4) Engage in Some Physical Activity:

Though festivals are a time to forget your regular routine but exercising should never go out of routine. One should always walk for at least 30 minutes a day; try to squeeze in some running and jogging as well.

5) Control Your Portions:

Try to keep small portions on your plate. If a napkin is available, take a small number of snacks on your napkin. Doing so will ensure that you are able to enjoy the festive treats offered and using a napkin will ensure that you enjoy these snacks in moderation.

6) Never Stay Hungry:

Avoid skipping your usual meals for festive feasts as up eating a lot later as this will lead to massive overeating.

When you go out visiting people, make sure to eat something at home before you leave, as this will keep your stomach half full and will discourage you from overindulging in the rich festive fare that is offered.

7) Healthy Platter:

This festive season store your refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables. Stick to the healthy platter of food when you are eating at home. Whenever you feel hungry snack on fruits avoid eating those oil-soaked festive delicacies. This way, you will have given yourself a proper diet before indulging in festive food.


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