Super Saver Combo of Lightly Salted & Tangy, Healthy & Diabetic Friendly Multigrain Super Snack Pack of 400g+200g & Get Free Stevia Drops Liquid Sweetener 30ml (worth Rs. 450)

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    This Super Saver Combo contains 2 varieties of Keeros Healthy & Diabetic Friendly Multigrain Roasted Super Snack, 400g each | Lightly Salted & Tangy, Crispy & Get Free 100% Natural, Sugar-Free Liquid Sweetener Stevia Drops. This combo will satisfy your mid meal cravings in a super healthy way & help you enjoy your tea, coffee, sweets etc. without the fear of calories.

    Features of Multigrain Classic & Minty Lime Roasted Supersnacks


    • Healthy for All & Safe for Diabetics (NABL Lab Certified)
    • Rich in Protein
    • Rich in Iron
    • Rich in Calcium, Rich Source of Essential Nutrients
    • No Artificial Preservatives, Colours or Flavours
    • 100% Vegetarian
    • It contains a delightfully healthy combination of 6 super grains and packs a punch of iron, protein, and lots of fiber. Keep it within reach and just stretch out your hand whenever your belly (and your taste buds) crave something crispy and tasty to munch on.


    Features of Stevia Drops Liquid Sweetener

    • Adds Sweetness without calories- Stevia is a natural sugar substitute made from the leaves of the stevia plant. It is sweet like table sugar but does not contain any calories or carbohydrates. It can be used to prepare any recipe. Does not contain any artificial sweeteners.
    • Good for Diabetics & weight loss- Keeros stevia sugar free drops is diabetic-friendly and beneficial for weight loss. Since it contains no calories & carbohydrates it helps to control any weight gain. You can add it to your green tea for weight loss or healthy snacks for weight loss. Zero Glycemic Index means that it is safe and beneficial for diabetics & helps manage blood sugar. Also helps manage high blood pressure.
    • 100% Natural & Sugar-Free- it is a sugar substitute that adds a delicious taste to your food and has no negative effects of table sugar. It has no side effects & is safe for all ages including kids as it does not cause cavities. It is one of the best weight loss products for women & men. Use it in your tea, coffee, sweets, baked foods etc.
    • Easy to use- Keeros Stevia drops come in an easy to use bottle containing 30 ml of liquid stevia. 2 Drops = 1 Tablespoon of sugar. You can add 3-4 drops to your coffee or tea as per your taste. Due to its easy handling and storage, it is a good alternative to stevia powder.

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