Fitness ain’t just a day’s workout, it’s a lifestyle. A person doesn’t become fit and healthy in the wink of an eye. It takes a lot of dedication and the right attitude in grooming your body into a healthy one. Whether you want to make your skin glow, your upset tummy right or want your hair to stop shedding, all of it can be checked with the right nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. We are here to share our secrets with you on how you can do it all:

I’m sure the word “exercise” pops up the picture of the gymnasium in your brain. But if you think deeper you yourself will realise that it can be so much more than just the gym. Apart from aerobics and cardio, you can dance, play your favourite sports, or even simply stretch. It actually works and is good as well as necessary at the same time. To keep your bones and muscles moving in this era of at-a-stretch sitting jobs is undoubtedly the first and foremost thing to keep in check when it comes to your fitness.
2.Check your diet

It’s no secret that your health largely and mainly depends on what you eat. It does not only reflect on your tummy and weight but also on your face. A well balanced and nutritious diet is a must for good health. We are not asking you to say a complete no to junk food. But make sure that you keep them for occasional cravings and not let the cravings overshadow your health regime. Fresh and seasonal fruits, green vegetables, less oily and hygienic food are your saviours if you are looking for the perfect healthy foods to include in your daily meals.
3.Be consistent

Whether exercising or following a healthy diet, what plays the most important role in all of it is your consistency. When you plan on taking up a new task as a part of your daily routine, the primarily essential point is to remember the word “daily”. If you exercise for a day and forget about it for the rest of the week, then it will ultimately be in vain leading to your waste of time, demotivation and practically zero results. So just as you brush your teeth regularly and make it a habit, likewise make sure that you make “living a healthy life” a habit.

4.Deal with stress

We very well understand your agony when it comes to managing work and home which is almost always difficult to go hand in hand. Of course, all the work and the responsibilities that come along keep you a lot more stressed rather than just keeping you busy. And this stress can actually cause a lot of health ailments. In short, being a 21st-century person, you are left with no choice but to learn to deal with all of that tension to keep your overall health in check. You can either do that with the help of music, meditation, ignorance or whichever another way that suits you the best.

5.Don’t make medicines a routine

If you are amongst those people who take painkillers for the slightest twinge, then this is the warning sign for you. Medicines are undoubtedly a boon when required to cure you of illness and revive your health. But if you are taking medicines for the pettiest of issues or in excess then that is really going to harm your health in the long run. Medicines are basically drugs whose function is to cure a particular ailment. Excessive or unsupervised intake of medicines can lead to a lot many harmful side effects to your health that you definitely do not want to face.


A man is a social animal, it is said so for a reason. When we are among our friends or family, we feel wanted, protected and ultimately happy. This, in turn, has a very positive impact on our overall health. With your loved ones around you, you can share your thoughts, good experiences, and problems and get to know the opinions and experiences of others as well. This may sound as something lame to many but actually can play a crucial role in keeping one healthy and happy.

7.Stay positive

Our thought process affects our health by large. If you stay sad, depressed or pressurized at all times, you cannot expect yourself to be enthusiastic and glowing. This thought process can only be controlled by our very own optimistic views and positive attitude. A person who thinks good, will feel happier and will end up feeling more energetic and productive throughout the day as compared to a person feels gloomy and loses appetite. We don’t even need research for that. So if you really want to keep your health in check, keep your thoughts in check too.

8.Don’t let laziness pull you back

We have all been through those times when we could not get up early in the morning for that morning jog we had been planning for days. It was not just because you were too tired, it was rather your laziness overpowering your willpower. A disciplined, healthy life can only be led when you keep your lethargy at bay and be firm on following your routine despite your laid-back mood.

9.Take out time for yourself

Just as it is important to give time to your work and family, it is equally and, in fact sometimes even more essential, to take out some time for yourself. Everyone has a set of ideas that he can implement in his alone time. Try taking out some time to polish or maybe revive your long lost painting and sketching skills, your love for music, or to read your favorite authors. Doing the things you love and improving yourself gives a sense of pleasure and satisfaction that will invariably make your face glow.

10.Keep Keeros with you

Since snacking is an inevitable part of life, you can easily switch to healthy snacking with
Keeros Multiseed and Multigrain Roasted Supersnacks. These packets of healthiness and crunchiness are the best of friends you can find for your health. A handful of these nutritious snacks in between your meals can actually make you feel fuller, keep your weight in check and bestow you will a lot of your daily vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Well, now you know that fitness is not just about eating healthy and exercising. There is a lot more to it. All you need is the right attitude, the right direction and the will power and your health will definitely take you places.

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