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July 28, 2018
Heart Healthy Foods You Must Include in Your Diet
August 18, 2018

The fresh showers of the Monsoons bring with them memories of the good old days, when we curled up at home with a cup of steaming hot tea and a plate of piping hot pakoras. However, now we know that wolfing down deep-fried pakoras is not exactly ideal.
Failure to eat healthy during the Monsoons can actually lead to several health issues including anything from minor indigestion to serious stomach infections. So, here is a comprehensive list of foods that you must consume to stay healthy during the rainy season.

Nothing speaks more of homely comfort than a warm and nourishing bowl of rich, creamy broth. You can go for vegetable soups like tomato, spinach or a deeply comforting bowl of good old chicken soup. In fact, a warm bowl of soup and toast can make for a wonderfully light meal during the humid season.

A small bowl of fresh and crunchy sprouts slightly seasoned with a dash of lemon juice and salt can go a long way in building up your digestive health and immunity. Having sprouts for breakfast will keep you feeling full and pumped-up all day long.
Bottle Gourd (lauki) and Bitter Gourd (karela)

While it’s certainly important to include green vegetables in one’s diet, you should avoid eating green leafy vegetables during the Monsoon season as the constant dampness makes them more susceptible to germs and worms.
So, opt for safer green vegetables like Bottle gourd or Lauki that is rich in Iron, Vitamins B and C, and various antioxidants.
Another great vegetable that should be a regular part of your monsoon diet is the Bitter Gourd, or Karela, which is again a rich source of vitamin C and has potent anti-viral properties that help safeguard you against pesky viral infections. You can also whip up an extremely healthy smoothie by blitzing the two together.
Herbal Green Tea

Another extremely healthy way to enjoy the rainy season is by sipping a cup of herbal green tea while enjoying the pitter-patter of the raindrops falling around you. You can elevate your regular cup of green tea simply by adding a few Tulsi or Holy Basil leaves which are loaded with antioxidants and help boost your skin health and immunity.

Garlic has potent antimicrobial properties that make it an essential part of any balanced and healthy diet. As garlic is much more beneficial raw than it is cooked, just add freshly chopped or crushed garlic to your soups, vegetable dishes and curries for an extra kick and added health benefits.
Another easy way to stay fit and fine this Monsoon is opting for Keeros Roasted Supersnacks that are healthy for all and safe for diabetics. Munch on our Multigrain Roasted Supersnacks that are slightly salty or go for our Multiseed Supersnacks that are slightly sweet.
Either way, you will end up snacking smart on snacks that help boost your health and immunity while being absolutely delectable too!

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