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September 14, 2018
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Corporate gifts are an innovative way to let your clients, prospective clients, employees, and all others associated with your company know that you value their association with your brand.
However, it’s very crucial to choose the right corporate gift so it stands out in the crowd and at the same also stays true to the values of your brand.
This upcoming festive season, share the love around by gifting your acquaintances a healthier lifestyle!
Choose from various healthy foods and snacks which will motivate them to lead a healthier lifestyle.


1) Sugar-free Snacks:

Sugar-free snacks are the best when it comes to healthy alternatives to fried food or calorie-loaded desserts! Many times, it so happens that you have no idea who has what kind of health issues amidst your corporate circles so you should just opt for playing safe! Gift baskets of sugar-free candies, brownies, roasted snacks and so on!

2) Fruit-Baskets:

Move over fried snacks and chocolates as gifts. Opt for nutrition-packed fruit baskets which are a healthy alternative to regular canned food.
Although this basket will be made of perishable goods, this is one of the best gifting options when you want to be economical yet focus on a healthy lifestyle. Pack it with seasonal fruits and an expensive wine when you want to be absolutely classy and thoughtful as well!


3) Health Gadgets

Healthy endorphins released during hectic exercise phases have been proven to be great for the mind and the body. Exercising regularly has significant benefits and with our smartphones and gadgets, it has become increasingly easy to keep track of our health and lifestyle! There are gadgets like fitness tracker bands and other wearable devices which keep a tab on your routine and help you to know better by giving you insights on your health! There are devices that also display the calories consumed and accurate sleep patterns so that you know about the quality of sleep you have been enjoying at night.

4) Keeros Multigrain Roasted Supersnack:

Keeros Multigrain Roasted Supersnack has the wholesome goodness of 6 supergrains and a light dash of Himalayan pink salt to keep your tastebuds craving for more! This super crunchy snack satisfies your taste for crispy, savoury treats and contains zero cholesterol and zero trans-fats.
An added bonus, it has absolutely nothing artificial – preservatives, colours or flavours! The nutritional values are all in the blend!


5) Keeros Multiseed Roasted Supersnack

This snack contains the wholesome goodness of 4 superseeds and a slightly sweet touch of dry dates! Now satisfy your cravings for sweets the smart way with our super healthy mix.
This snack is free of artificial preservatives, colours or flavours which makes it healthy for all and safe for diabetics!

Here at Keeros, we have the best gifting options for you. We offer you delicious gourmet roasted supersnacks that come in festive packaging. Spread the cheer this year with Keeros! Call us at: +91 9044449898 or mail us at: for corporate gifting inquiries this festive season.

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