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February 8, 2019
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March 19, 2019

Work days are often long and hectic and can often drain you of your energy and enthusiasm. But stopping has never been an option and to keep the lethargy at bay you need something extra. No, we’re not talking about caffeine here. There are many healthy alternatives that are perfect for giving you that extra push when you need it the most.

Let us put light upon some of the best healthy delights that you might’ve forgotten about:

1.Dry Fruits and Nuts:

When it comes to dry fruits and nuts, there’s no questioning their nutritional value. Dry fruits and nuts like raisins, almonds, cashews etc. are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals. They are the perfect handy snacks for your workplace as they last for a long time, are easy to carry and eat and give the right amount of energy boost when you are feeling down. You can always carry a pack of mixed dry fruits and nuts and snack on them to feel full all the time.


Sprouts are healthy, easy to prepare and extremely refreshing. These are full of vitamins, minerals, and proteins that in general benefit almost all parts of your body. You can also go for green gram or chickpeas to add variety to your diet. Just soak them overnight at room temperature with a decent circulation of air or keep the soaked beans wrapped in a damp cloth overnight. Once the green tips begin to appear, they can be consumed immediately or refrigerated for a number of days. Garnish the sprouts with a squeeze of lemon and salt for added flavour.


For those who count popcorn amongst junk food, there’s good news. Popcorn has no fat and is even quite low on calories! In fact, it contains fibres and roughage. You would be surprised to know that popular actresses have often followed a popcorn diet in order to lose weight. Easy to carry, simple to prepare and even available ready-made, popcorns are one of the most popular snacks ever. So don’t forget to go for a plain popcorn bowl the next time you want to snack guilt-free.

4.Granola Bars:

For a quick bite and spur of power, granola bars are quite convenient. These sweet and nutty delights provide you with minerals and a lot of instant energy. The nuts and flakes together provide fibres and minerals.Try going for the plain ones rather than the flavoured bars for less sugar content and more benefits. You can always keep a bunch of these in your office bag and snack on one whenever your hunger doesn’t let you focus.

5.Roasted peas:

Low in fats and cholesterol, peas are a great source of dietary fibres and vitamins. Roasted and salted peas are tasty, crunchy and awesome for snacking on. You can either prepare some at home itself or buy packs readily available in the market. These green pearls can prove to be one of your favorite healthy snacks with their easy availability, simple preparation, and savoury flavour.

6.Fresh Fruits:

A fruit a day definitely keeps the doctor away! Fruits are easily available and, undoubtedly, full of fresh nutrition. Naturally low in fat and cholesterol, most of the seasonal fruits are great sources of fibres, potassium, vitamin C, antioxidants and other essential nutrients. So from now on, skip the luring packed fruit juices which on the other hand are full of unhealthy sugars, and go for whole fruits instead to get the additional roughage along with the goodness of the fruit itself.


Another common, easy to prepare at home and highly nutritious side dish or snack is curd or yoghurt. Yoghurt is highly nourishing as well as refreshing for one of those hectic office days. Loaded with protein, calcium, potassium and other vitamins and minerals, yoghurt in itself is a portion of wholesome food. When the time doesn’t allow, you can even go for the packed ones that are easily available in the market.

8.Dried Cereal:

Who said muesli and cornflakes are only good for breakfast? They can very well be snacked on otherwise too! In fact, they can prove to be an actually good substitute for your unhealthy and oily chips. These cereals are low on fat and high on minerals and vitamin B complex. Try keeping a pack of cereals with you at all times for the guilt-free crunch you need during those tedious work hours.

9.Fruit candies:

Nowadays, you can find a variety of fruit candies readily available in the market. These candies not only give you a tangy and sweet break but are also full of vitamins and minerals to keep you going for the day. Amla, bel, and ginger are to name a few amongst the varieties. You can always keep a pack or two of these candies on your desk to keep on munching the whole day.

10.Keeros Multigrain and Multiseed Roasted Supersnacks:

The best option any day for healthy snacking for you is Keeros Multigrain and Multiseed Roasted Supersnacks. No oil, no fat, only nutrition. The nutrients benefit your overall health and body and the handy packs are certainly the easiest to pop into your office bag. These grains and seeds are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that not only provide you with the required energy but also give you glowing skin.

Now that you are aware of so many healthy foods to munch on, it’s time to abandon the unhealthy and tempting ones. Go for one of these options instead the next time you’re about to give up on your work.

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